My Books

Looking for a good book? Great, because I've written a few of them! Check them out below and I've included links to Amazon where you can buy the paperback or Kindle versions. You can also order them through your local book store. Happy reading!

Astrogirl CoverAll it takes is one bad TV interview, putting a supervillain in traction and doing a little property damage in the process and Astrogirl finds herself suspended from the top superhero team in the world. With nothing to do but “reconnect with herself”--whatever that means--she dusts off her secret identity and gets a job to pass the time while keeping the heroics to a minimum in hopes of getting reinstated. When monsters start appearing all over town intent on making a meal of her fellow New Yorkers, Astrogirl is forced back into costume to save them. Throw in a mysterious mage and a world ending threat and it looks like the morning commute might be the least of her worries as she races to try and save the day and stop her career from crashing before it even gets off the ground.
Astrogirl CoverLife is going pretty well for Anna in her civilian life and as Astrogirl--at least until she finds she’s been replaced on the Global Defenders. To get her mind off of it, she teams up with the Fearsome Force, a group of street-level heroes with good intentions and odd powers.

When members of the Global Defenders start disappearing, it’s up to Astrogirl and this motley group of heroes to find out what is going on before the world is left at the mercy of supervillains. Can they find the culprit in time or will Astrogirl and her new allies succumb to the awful power of the fearsome forces that are stacked against them?
The Dead Next Door CoverDavid Gale thought that high school was going pretty well. He was passing his classes in high school, he had a girl that he was sweet on and he had good friends and a ton of horror movies to watch with them. Then his new neighbors moved in. Now, strange things are afoot in his hometown of Smith's Grove and the populace is starting to seem a little more lifeless than usual. For Dave's horror-addled mind, this can only mean a vampiric nightmare is rearing its ugly head. Armed with knowledge that only hundreds of hours of horror movies can impart, Dave and his friends might be the only ones who can stop...The Dead Next Door! If they can stay alive, that is.
Madman of Lake Mongawonga CoverFledgling vampire hunters David Gale and Arvid Johansen are taking a few days off to relax at a leadership camp they received an invitation to. They expected campfire stories and trust falls and a little vacation from the undead. Instead, it looks like one of the local legends has come to life when campers start disappearing. Add in a beautiful vampire with a grudge against them and it looks like this will be one sleepaway camp they might not walk away from.
I was a Teenage Sex Robot CoverThings are never dull in Smith's Grove, though Dave Gale and April Jameson wish it was. All they wanted was a nice Christmas together, but when a mysterious girl with amnesia shows up on April's doorstep, those plans get thrown to the wayside. Now, they have to navigate rogue scientists, classmates and even vampires as they try to figure out who exactly this strange girl is and hope the answer doesn't kill them.
Cheerleaders of the Blind Dead CoverIt was supposed to be a routine investigation into a vampire sighting in the rural town of Sikoraville, NJ, but things never go quite as planned for Dave Gale and Mike McCulloch. Something seems off about the whole town, and the boys soon find out why when the vampires turn out to be the reanimated corpses of the local cheerleaders who have traded in their pom-poms for a ravenous appetite for fresh blood. Now Dave and Mike must find a way to stop these ghouls before they end up on the menu next in this thrilling installment of the Friday Night Frights series.
She-Wolf Take a Bow CoverOf all the things Mike McCulloch expected a girl might confess to him, being a werewolf was not one of them. That makes things tricky considering the full moon is just starting, putting Mike and his friends, Dave and Arvid, on a ticking clock to find a cure. Making things even more difficult is another werewolf showing up in Smith’s Grove, one that doesn’t have any regard for human life or whoever might get in the way of its search for a mate. Then there’s the small problem of a eccentric monster hunter who may or may not have been sent to help them stop the beast--only he doesn’t care which one it is. Now the Friday Night Frights crew must save their friend and survive everything else the night can throw at them in SHE-WOLF TAKE A BOW.
She-Wolf Take a Bow CoverWhen it looks like David Gale might miss the horror movie event of a lifetime, an unlikely savior swoops in with tickets. The only problem? That savior happens to be Tory Lane, a twisted teenage vampire and also his nemesis. This time it seems like instead of tormenting him, she wants to be his friend. Against his better judgement, Dave agrees to take her to a horror convention and movie marathon hosted by one of his heroes. When an old foe rears his head in an attempt to take Dave out of the monster hunting game for good, it appears that the horror won’t just be on the big screen. Now Dave, Tory and his friends must fight against strange new creatures to find a way to escape the All Night Horror Show.
She-Wolf Take a Bow CoverIt was the most important event of the year for high school students--prom. As a vampire hunter and a vampire respectively, David Gale and Tory Lane were the most unlikely couple going together. They had expected the night to be one filled with dancing and hanging out with friends, but when their old enemy Martin appears, it threatens to be the last dance they might get--ever. But what is the new creature that Martin has brought with him and why is it wearing such a familiar face? More importantly, will Dave and his friends all make it out alive? Put on your finest formal wear and your dancing shoes as you get ready to experience the terror of PROM NIGHT.
She-Wolf Take a Bow CoverWhen Santa Claus gets kidnapped scant days before Christmas, two detectives must delve into the violent supernatural underground of goblins, witches and demigods to find the culprit and rescue the man with the sack before it is too late.

Stuck in the emergency room to get a candy cane removed from his bottom, John Hauser thought his night couldn’t get any worse. He was almost right, at least until some elves show up to hire him and Deety, his wife, on behalf of Mrs. Claus to find her husband. Apparently, the man with the sack also had a few carnal proclivities that he liked to fulfill on the side and he got snagged mid-shag in Midtown. They’ve come to John because of his knack for finding himself up to his neck in supernatural shenanigans and helping clients that just stepped out of a fairy tale--a life John had hoped he had left behind.

Now, dragged back into the world of the weird, the dynamic duo of John and Deety must navigate an underworld of witches, gods and monsters in order to save Christmas for the entire world.
Lost at Comic Con CoverIt was Charlie's first time at Comic Con. He was hoping to buy some comics, see some costumes and have fun with his friends while enjoying the best Philadelphia had to offer. Unexpectedly, drawn into a world of four-color fantasies and frenetic collectors, he's trying to keep his head above water and chasing a girl who keeps wandering in and out of his life while trying to stay ahead of some new enemies that threaten to put an end to his adventure.