About Me

I'm a writer/film maker/VP of marketing and a full-time father who was born and raised at the Jersey Shore. Early on in life, I developed a love of horror movies, comic books and writing. After going to college at Virginia Tech for journalism and ending up doing TV news production, I strayed from that into a career doing website building and marketing and a little of everything in between for a model railroad company. I'm also and avid video editor (but not an AVID video editor) and utilize that skill in a variety of ways for professional and personal pursuits. Contact me if you would like to know more or are interested in having me work on something. Along the way, I’ve written and published several novels that are available from Amazon in paperback format and also on the Kindle. Take a look and if you enjoy them, please leave a review there or on Goodreads!

I've also worked on various projects with the nice guys at Rucksack Films when I have the time and our schedules align, which I wish was more as they are really swell. Thanks for visiting!