About Me

I'm a writer/film maker/VP of marketing and a full-time father who was born and raised at the Jersey Shore. Early on in life, I developed a love of horror movies, comic books and writing. I'm also a big Doctor Who fan, which helps explain the picture and why I have a TARDIS in my basement. After going to college at Virginia Tech for journalism, I’ve strayed a bit from that and into a career doing website building and marketing and a little of everything in between.

Along the way, I’ve published several novels—Lost at Comic Con, The Dead Next Door, The Madman of Lake Mongawonga and I Was a Teenage Sex Robot. All are available from Amazon in paperback format and also on the Kindle. Take a look and if you enjoy them, please leave a review!

I'm also working on various projects with the nice guys at Rucksack Films when I have the time and our schedules align, which I wish was more as they are really swell.

Thanks for visiting!