Friday, September 27, 2019

Last Revamped Cover Reveal

And finally, we have the last of the revamped covers in the VHS style--SHE WOLF TAKE A BOW. This one is done as a homage to the old Midnight Video VHS tapes. I always loved that dapper skeleton (which probably explains my love for the Social Distortion skeleton too but that is neither here nor there) so trying my own hand at it was a no-brainer. Look for this one to be released with the others in October, though the Kindle versions will hit earlier as they require less work.

The next cover reveal will be much later on for the next book in the Friday Night Frights series, which is still being written. Had a little computer issue I had to sort out but I am back on track with that.


Monday, September 16, 2019

Three More Covers

 Here are the next three of the redesigned covers. The cover for THE MADMAN OF LAKE MONGAWONGA is based on the old WB tapes. I WAS A TEENAGE SEX ROBOT takes its inspiration from 20th Century Fox rental versions. Finally, CHEERLEADERS OF THE BLIND DEAD takes cues from the CNR Video releases of the Netherlands.

One more left and then I'll put putting them up online for order.

Until next time.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

New Covers Incoming!

Because I can never just leave things alone, I have been designing new covers for the Friday Night Frights series. At first I was only going forward with the publication of ALL-NIGHT HORROR SHOW next year. Then it got into my head that they should all look alike. Thus, the new VHS-styled covers were born. It only makes sense considering this series is inspired by all of those weekends spent renting horror movies at the local video store. All of the covers will drop at the same time. I've attached the finished version of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR for your viewing pleasure and will be posting the others as I finish them.

And as I remember.

Until next time, be kind and rewind.