Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Friday Night Frights 6: In Progress

I'm happy to report that last night I finished the outline for All-Night Horror Show (Friday Night Frights Book 6). Then, thanks to traffic coopering, I managed to get into work early enough to start work on it. No idea when it will be done just yet as I'm only a 1000 words in but it should be on track for release in 2020.

In addition to writing, I'm sending out The Last Giant Killer and John and Deety Save Christmas to agents and publishers to see if I can get some nibbles on them. I was close on J&DSC but things fell apart at the end but I'm hopeful that one will find a home somewhere.

Sorry I've been slacking on reviews but I honestly haven't been watching that many movies lately. I'm hoping to catch a few this weekend so I should have something to post.

Until next time.

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