Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Secret Life of Astrogirl is Available for Pre-Order

That's right. My latest novel, The Secret Life of Astrogirl, is now available for pre-order for the Kindle on Amazon.com. Or, you know, through your Kindle. The paperback will be available for sale on the same date, they just don't allow pre-orders for them yet on there.

What's this book all about? In case you missed it, TSLOA is face-punching, adrenaline-filled adventure about a superhero who gets suspended from her super team, the Global Defenders, and now has to try and keep her head down and live a normal life in a secret identity so she can get reinstated and back to saving the world.

So she gets herself a job.

The only problem? There are monsters appearing all New York and looking to eat some of her fellow citizens and juggling both careers is going to take some fancy footwork that has her wondering if a 9-5 job might just be the thing that does her in.

Pre-Order it here!

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