Friday, July 07, 2017

Baby Driver

It's not often that I get out to the movies lately. Going by myself to see a non-family friendly flick is even more rare. I found myself with some free time alone while on vacation this week and got out to see a movie I've been pumped for. That movie is Baby Driver.

Part heist flick, part music video, part romance and all cool, this movie by writer/director Edgar Wright hit just the right spots. It follows Baby, a getaway driver for a crime boss who does his job and does it exceptionally well, as we find out from the start when we find him doing just that for a heist that is set completely to "Bellbottoms" by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. All the while Baby zooms around the streets of Atlanta, he's got his earbuds on and is blasting the tunes that are the soundtrack to his life.

And for good reason. Due to an accident he was in as a kid, Baby suffers from a buzzing in his ears that he drowns out with music so he can get through the day and the heists. He doesn't seem to have much choice about either, as he's paying of a debt to the boss, one that is almost paid up so he can try to live a normal life. When he meets a beautiful waitress that he finds himself falling for, getting out of the crime business is his top priority. Unfortunately, that type of business has a way of pulling you back in.

The use of music in the movie is amazing. From the choreographed car chases set to the beat to the opening credits that feature lyrics written all of the environment as Baby goes to get coffees, to shootouts where the staccato bursts of gunfire are in time to the beat, it all comes back down to the songs being played on Baby's iPod and you'll find yourself tapping your foot in time to them as the action plays out on the screen.

The cast is simply wonderful Ansel Elgort dances his way across the screen as Baby, moving to the music that most of the time, only he can hear. Lily James shines as Debora, the waitress that Baby pines for. Kevin Spacey brings his dastardly best as the crime boss that Baby is indebted to and Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm are menacing madmen in their own special way, the former as a stone cold psychopath named Bats and the latter as Buddy, a charming kettle of rage ready to boil over and destroy anything that would harm his wife, Darling, played by Eiza Gonzalez.

And the soundtrack. I actually bought it before I saw the movie and thought it was a blast, a perfect selection of tracks for heists, dates and everything in between. Now that I've seen it, it is on repeat and getting worn out on the turntable as I can't get enough of the music from Baby's world.

I know there's a lot of blockbusters out there this summer, but if you want a truly unique experience that is one good time after another, be sure to fit Baby Driver into your viewing schedule.

Check it out.

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