Monday, December 09, 2013


This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of going to see Goblin at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, which is a pretty easy drive as I live in the state. Sadly, I got lost on the way there but only for a few minutes and then I ended up at the venue albeit not in the direction from which I had expected to come.

If you're not familiar with Goblin, you should be. They're a progressive rock band from Italy that's been around for years and is quite well known for their soundtrack work for films like Suspiria, Profundo Rosso and Dawn of the Dead. That's where I'm familiar with them and that's all I needed to be to want to go and see them as it was their first North American tour ever.

That's kind of a big thing.

It's a shame that more people didn't think so and come out to see them, as the venue was only about a quarter full, if my estimate is correct. That didn't stop Goblin from rocking down the house as if it were a sold out show. They played quite a bit of their early and non-soundtrack work with several of the Argento works mixed in before moving to the second half of the set that featured exclusively songs from the movies. Tenebre, Suspiria--it was all there, including two from Dawn of the Dead and then a bonus track from that film for the encore.

It was fantastic.

They even had a dancer to go along with several songs, wearing a slinky black number most of the time but putting on some zombie makeup before the DotD songs and then switching to a tutu for the Suspiria number. It was an added element of showmanship that I was expecting from them. The audience was very receptive to the group and even though our numbers were small, we put out a great effort to show our appreciation for the work of these monsters of horror soundtrack rock.

The band consists of a guitarist, bassist, drummer and two keyboardists, so you can imagine the depth of sounds that they can create. It's a very full and rich sound that wriggles its way into your brain and gets those limbs a moving and head a nodding.

This is their second leg of the North American tour and they have quite a few dates left, so if they're coming into your area, you would do well to see them as they put on a good show and are a group of very talented individuals. Even if you aren't a fan of horror movies like I, the performance that is put on is easily worth the price of admission.

Also, you can get a cool tour poster like I did, which was designed by Gary Pullin.

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to hang it in the living room. Ok, probably the basement, as that is at least mostly my domain.

The opening act, Zombi, was a duo from Pittsburgh and were pretty good. They had that space age prog-rock sound that brought to mind early Pink Floyd and 70s horror movies and are very talented, though a little on the light side in terms of audience interaction.

Check out their website here and see if they're playing near you and support a tour 40 years in the making.

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