Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pacific Rim

Growing up, I watched a lot of monster movies. I still do, but there was a magic to watching them on the weekends as a kid that is hard to recapture in this day of on demand everything. I might have been a bit of a nerd, but there was no bigger thrill for me than to settle in with a creature feature or two thanks to the various local outlets like Theater Bizarre, Grandpa Munster's Super Scary Saturday and Chiller Theater, as well as the other weekend movie broadcasts. Those were some defining moments for me.

Pacific Rim is a homage to those halcyon days of youth and yet manages to stand on its own even when you take away the crutch of nostalgia. In other words, it's fucking awesome. You see, apparently Guillermo Del Toro had a similar childhood, except instead of writing a blog, he's making movies that kick ass. In making this one, he pays respect to the movies that influenced him and adds to the genre with one of the most entertaining movies I have had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. I don't think I've smiled as much in the theater since I saw Godzilla 2000 when it was making the rounds here in America.

In Pacific Rim, we are treated to a world that become all too familiar with the rampages of kaiju, or monsters, as they crawl from a rift beneath the sea and rampage across the globe. The military, while able to stop the monsters after heavy losses, realizes that conventional weapons are no match for these fierce monsters and the seek another means to terminate these invaders. Thus is born the Jaeger program.

Jaegers are giant mechs that are piloted by a team of two and actually manage to turn the tide of the battle in the favor of the humans. That is, until the creatures coming out start getting stronger and stronger. Pacific Rim follows the pilot of an old Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, as he is brought back into service and joins with other pilots who seek to end the fight once and for all.

I had been psyched for Pacific Rim ever since the first artwork started leaking two years ago and I found out what the plot was about. If there is a movie that spoke to me based on a description alone, it was this one. It sounded awesome and was well worth the weight. The Jaegers and kaiju are fully realized in the film and stage epic fights that you will find yourself grinning like an idiot through. The mechs punch, they bite, they kick, the shoot and do whatever it takes to destroy the threat and the kaiju are no slouches either in the fighting department and truly give the pilots a run for their money.

I don't even want to risk spoiling the experience for you, for that is what the movie truly is. It is a transcendental experience that has restored my faith in the summer blockbuster after being beaten into submission by the Transformers movies. It has given me robots and monsters and most of all, heroes that do their duty. They don't balk at it. They know they need to save the world and that there is no time for dallying.

The soundtrack is pretty amazing too.

Check it out. Seriously. Check it out.

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