Monday, April 15, 2013

Dolls (Why You Should Be Nice to Your Toys)

Sometimes I feel like a bad horror movie fan. As in, not a fan of bad horror movies, but a bad fan of horror movies. Such was the case when I finally sat down to watch Dolls, by Re-Animator's Stuart Gordon and wondered how I could have let this languish for so long on the shelf of the video store as a child. Probably because I don't really remember seeing it there. I remember the cover for Dolly Dearest, but not this one. Which is a shame if my store didn't carry it, for it is awesome.

Though chances are it was in a different section, like kids' films, as this  plays out pretty much like a movie geared towards a younger crowd, what with the whole message that playing with toys is great and you should always stay young at heart. Of course, the brutal murders in it would probably stop me from showing it to my own child.


Friday, April 05, 2013

Roger Ebert (1942–2013)

It's a sad day in the world when you lose a figure that you looked up to and turned to for what movies to watch. Today is such a day, due to the loss of Roger Ebert to cancer. While I never met the man, I was influenced by him quite a bit with the consumption of his movie reviews on tv and in print. Indeed, his movie reviews set the bar for critics everywhere to try to aspire to, myself included. Good or bad, his reviews contained actual criticism that backed up the claims of a movie's worth, and didn't just cast aspersions for the sake of humor. His love of movies spanned all genres, and he could wax poetic about Citizen Kane or pontificate the merits of Mighty Peking Man with ease and credibility.

Don't believe me? Check this out.

Back yet? Good. I don't have much more to say except that we lost an eloquent and ardent defender of film and the world won't be the same without his words appearing on a regular basis.