Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Slumber Party Massacre

For this week's exercise movie, I decided to go with an oldie but a goodie. Indeed, Slumber Party Massacre is from the Golden Age of slashers and stands as one of the finest of that era.

Don't believe me? Watch it. There's nudity, humor and brutal killings with a drill, all rolled up into a delectable ball of awesomeness that also features a creepy neighbor and a random subplot of trying to find out the scores from the previous night's game. And also Brinke Stevens, one of America's finest scream queens.

And it's also written and directed by women and possibly the world's first feminist slasher movie. It was also supposed to be a parody of the genre but was filmed straight, though some of the humor still comes through and give it a quirky charm. Both of these things come together in the end *spoilers* when the killer has his drill bit cut off, causing quite a look of shock on his face. *end spoilers*

So what's it all about? Well, there's an escaped killer and a slumber party and he starts killing them, hence the title. He actually begins his murder spree well before that, taking out some girls even before the party, but don't worry, there are still plenty of people to kill at the end.

I'm always surprised at how effective the drill is in this movie. He uses it like he's a damn ninja at times, sneaking up on people and then BAM, drilling them to death. It is even used to cut some throats and stomachs too. Mine can barely turn a screw when I use it, so I'm a little envious. Of course, I don't think his spree would be as successful if he had a Black and Decker 9 volt, either.

Also of note is a van scene that I would say inspired the one from Scream 2 that was probably intended to be humorous but instead becomes rather dark. There's also a fun scene that reminds me of the land shark skits from SNL too.

It's well worth a viewing, even though it might seem dated now, the scares are as fresh as ever and honestly it's just a well-made film from beginning to end.

Check it out.

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