Friday, March 22, 2013

Exerwriting or Can't We Just Do One Thing at a Time?

I've seen a weird sort of trend pop up among some writers I follow. You might call it exerwriting, if you're into buzzwords that I just created, or just exercising while writing, which isn't nearly as condensed. Basically, they set up a laptop on a desk that attached to a treadmill and work while they walk. It's gotta be walking, as I couldn't imagine trying to type anything legible at a jog.

I only wonder why do it?

I understand the need to multitask and trying to kill two birds with one stone, but it seems rather pointless to me and against the spirit of how I exercise. For me, it's a way to release stress and to clear my mind for a bit while getting in fighting shape. Sure, I might think about some book points while doing it, but usually I just sort of zone out and run. Plus I work up a hell of a sweat, which would make the keyboard rather nasty. And if you're walking slow enough to write, are you really getting enough exercise to help shed pounds or work your cardiovascular system? Maybe if you take breaks and run at a clip for awhile, but walking just won't be the same thing, at least not to me. I'd rather keep the two separate and focus on each at their own respective time, which can be tough if you're juggling multiple jobs and kids, but you can find the time if you try.

As my cardiologist says, the sweatier, the better. For workouts, that is. It's not like it's some mantra she applies to everything. At least I don't think it is.

What say you? Would you hop onto this trend? Do you see exercise like I do as something, while a necessary evil, a relaxing one? Or would you rather try to get something meaningful done at the expense of the workout? Or some other option. like that suit Prince Xizor wears in Shadows of the Empire that tones his muscles for him.

That I could actually get behind.

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