Monday, February 04, 2013

Marvel MTG Tokens: Revisited

I just wanted to give a little elaboration as to the previous post. Those cards are tokens to be used in Magic: The Gathering. Wizards of the Coast has standard ones that they pack in the boosters that you get occasionally with artwork that fits the theme of the set. They're nice and all, but I like something a little more fun and that represents my interests better.

Hence, the 3D Marvel tokens.

They're not truly done in the style of 3D MTG cards, as I have done that before and wanted to pioneer a new style that I like to call "lazy". It also helps keep them thinner since I don't have ten layers of cards in each one. Instead, it's about half that.

They're fairly easy to make, which lets me churn out a bunch at a time and since you can end up needing a lot of tokens, this is a good thing. I was inspired to make them after playing with Magic Set Editor at work during lunch. I made up a ton of zombie tokens for Horde Magic using Black Lantern and Marvel Zombies pictures, which look great but aren't super because I don't have a professional printer.

What I do have, is about three years worth of comic and horror cards from my collecting days and a bunch of tokens that are sitting in a box on the shelf, begging to be used.

The first one I did was Ant-Man, which was simple and made good use of him in conjunction with the ant-like art on the Insect token. I knew I was going to run into concerns with the backgrounds for later cards, as I didn't want to use up all of my Zendikar full art lands or use up other tokens and cut my supply further, as for some like zombies, I have a ton, but others I only have one or two of and wanted to get some distance out of them.

So for Captain America and Destroyer, I went back to the box to find thematically appropriate comic cards to use in back of them. It worked, and thus a shitload of tokens were born and are ready to be traded to find a home in people's decks. I just need to get some protectors for them so they don't get damaged while sitting in a fat pack box.

This is the first batch and I have more on the way. Unfortunately, I'm limited to mostly Marvel comics as I didn't really collect DC back then. That is fine with me as more of my market likes the Marvel characters anyway.

Time to break out the razors.


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