Thursday, January 03, 2013

Resident Evil: Retribution

I love the Resident Evil games. Even the maligned ones like 5. As long as I get to bust some zombies, I’m pretty happy. It’s a shame that I don’t really enjoy the movies as much. That’s no fault of Mila’s, though, as I think she’s wonderful. It’s just that there’s too much involving the global conspiracy and not enough on personal stakes, at least since the first two movies. I thought they were pretty fun and well done. The next two were a bit dull and suffered greatly from no Sienna Guillory or even fun zombie action. Fortunately, that has changed for the new installment.

At least some of it, anyway.

It’s still more about the global conspiracy, but now Jill is back in her very sexy RE5 outfit and she’s brought along Leon and Barry Burton for the ride, both of whom I’ve been dying to see in the movies since the second one. Pretty sure a newspaper in that one said Leon was dead too. I guess he got better.

We’re back to the secret base location of the first, though this one is in Russia underneath a ton of ice. A pleasant enough change. Mila is being held captive after getting caught in the aftermath of the last movie and Leon and Barry and Ada Wong are the ones doing the breaking out. It’s like a festival of fan favorite characters. Zombies are shot. Lickers show up. Plagas show up. Even the executioner makes an appearance. It is a shame that we’ve only had the tyrant in one movie, as he would make a great villain to fight against. Still, the enemies are plentiful for our heroes to fight. The plagas zombies almost remind me of the zombies from Shock Wave in their relentless nature and military garb, though these use guns and really give our heroes a pounding.

Anyhow, it’s a fun bit of action that doesn’t take itself seriously and kept me amused. Mila puts on a leather outfit early on and Sienna Guillory is beautiful as always and Michele Rodrigquez pops up to play a few different characters and I wish the series would use her more as I’ve always had a soft spot for her growling mercenary act. If the movies continue in this vein, I’ll be back on board.

Now I must go play Resident Evil 6 to get more of my video game RE fix.

Check it out.

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