Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Feel Old

I had some free time after my chiropractor's appointment tonight so I decided to watch an episode of the Graham Norton Show that I had taped from around Christmastime. It had Matt Smith, Amy MacDonald, Billy Connolly, and the main reason for recording it, Jennifer Saunders.

She was one of the first crushes I had on an actress. I discovered her thanks to my love of early Comedy Central, where they played MST3K frequently and Monty Python. One day I saw previews for a show called Absolutely Fabulous, which I could see was about two drunken women and the shit they got into. I figured I would give it a try.

I loved it.

I watched every episode I could. It was funny and witty and British, which was important for a freshman in high school who had recently discovered Blackadder and The Young Ones. But the main reason I watched was because I thought Jennifer Saunders was really hot. In the show she was a bit chunky and had a kid, but that didn't matter. To me, she was a goddess and I would just stare at the screen, absorbing all I could of her.

She haunted my dreams and I'll still watch shows with her in them and feel that old feeling come back.

Now, though, she's a grandmother. And I'm okay with that. It just seems so weird. I mean, I know she wasn't exactly young then, but when your crush has a kid who has another kid, it just makes you realize how fast time flies by.

You know what though?

She still looks absolutely fabulous.


Marysa said...

First off, she is hot. And second, she's talented which makes her even hotter!

But yes, we are old. My first crush, Patrick Swayze, died. That was a hard blow.

WorselVT said...

She's very hot. After I saw her, I was googling to find out if she's single. :) Of course she isn't. I wouldn't let her go if I was a sane man either.

Well, Patrick Swayze did have a pretty bad about of cancer so he did die relatively young, so that shouldn't make you feel that old.

Marysa said...

True. It is weird getting old and watching our crushes get old. But yet they still have something that makes them remember why you had a crush on them to begin with.