Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Piranha 3D

Got Netflix hooked up on the tv in the basement now so I can watch awesome stuff like this movie while my other watches horrible shows I shall not mention.

I've been a fan of Piranha since I was little. I think I even saw it before I ever saw Jaws. I saw the sequel with the flying fish. I saw the remake with the Greatest American Hero and Punky Brewster. When this new remake came out, I knew I had to see it, though since life intervenes, I didn't manage to do that until last night.

Much like the original, it involves a school of piranha being loosed from their containment into a lake. However, instead of being military grade man-eating fish, these are prehistoric ones that have been locked away for a few million years in an underground lake. When an earthquake hits, they are released and carnage ensues.

And boy, does it. There is no shying away from the blood in this movie. Or the nudity, for that matter, as they have both in copious amounts. People are gnawed to death with great fervor and we see legless people, armless people, people with no skin on their face, thoroughly chewed skeletons and more. The practical effects for these parts are rather amazing too. The CG could use a little work, though that might be due to the 3D process they used as anything CG looked rather apparently so. A few prop fish might have done them some wonders.

In addition to the sheriff trying to close the beach and stop the threat in a homage to Jaws, we also have her son who is out on the lake with a sleazy filmmaker and some ladies he wants to get to know better. Then there's her other kids, who are stranded out on the lake too. So there's drama to go around. Elisabeth Shue plays the sheriff and I don't remember when she went from hot babysitter to hot mom, but now I feel old. Their stories are all entertaining, though the little kids need to be smacked, I think.

A good way to pass an hour and a half.

Check it out.

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