Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bloody Birthday

Sometimes a movie suckers me in with a good premise. Other times it is because of an actor that I want to see. That's what happened with Bloody Birthday, as I was cruising around Netflix and looking for something fun to watch. I saw Michael Dudikoff was in it and I love me some American Ninja.

All I can say is, damn you, Netflix.

In a small California town, three children are born during an eclipse. This is bad, as they grow up a bit wrong, and ten years later these kids are full blow psychos and killing people around town as they gear up for their birthday. Only Timmy and his sister realize the kids are evil after escaping from being killed by the little tykes and its up to them to stop them.

I wasn't that thrilled with the film. I'll tell you why but spoilers will abound, so beware. First of all, it's a killer kid movie. That's not really a spoiler. It's on the damn poster and revealed in the first fifteen minutes or so. Sweet art, by the way. They don't make posters like that anymore, do they? But I digress. I've never been a fan of killer kid movies. Mainly because they usually have the kid win or get off without consequences. So you're rooting for people that ultimately lose or even if they win, the kid is out there to kill again. That's what happens here. They fooled me too, as at one point a girl is sharpening garden shears and I thought for sure they would use them on one of the evil kids, maybe fending off an attack. The most we get to see in terms of justice is the hero kid punching one of them in the face, which is pretty satisfying. And even though two get arrested, one gets away to kill again. Ugh.

On the bright side, we get to see Julie Brown in all her glory, and that ain't too bad. The kills are alright. Nothing crazy but well done. It is rather hilarious that the murders take place and the funerals are the next day. That must have been one busy undertaker. Also, they still have the party for the kids even though the town is being slaughtered by the ruthless kids and one of their own father's is a victim. That would put a bit of a downer on the festivities, I would think.

Not the greatest of films but it'll keep you entertained and it is rather short. I'm just not a huge fan of the sub-genre. They need some comeuppance, damnit.

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