Friday, June 08, 2012

Essential Man-Thing Vol. 1

Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1 by Roy Thomas
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I've always been a fan of Swamp Thing, but never really knew much about his counterpart in Marvel Comics, the Man-Thing. Both feature similar origins with a scientist, a secret formula and an accident that lead each of them to become monsters. However, while Swamp Thing is a little more man-like, Man-Thing is a little more monstrous. Indeed, he lacks any real higher brain functions and reacts to emotions, burning that with knows fear with his very touch.

I really enjoyed this first volume of Essential Man-Thing, that collects his early appearances and series. He's a very sad character, brought down by love and forced to live a lonely existence in the swamp, interacting very little with people. Unwittingly, he's often their savior, wandering into drama because of detecting emotions running wild and laying smack down on the bad guys who fear him because he looks so horrific. He fights gators, construction workers, devils, demons and more as he lumbers along through the muck. The stories and art are top-notch, and I often found myself wanting to read just one more story, especially the ones with Jennifer Kale, who I was aware of but not really familiar with her origins. It's some great stuff. Check it out.

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