Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Ward

I started to watch 13 Assassins on Saturday night, but didn't want to read subtitles for two hours. I switched over to watching The Ward, which is John Carpenter's latest movie, his first since Ghosts Of Mars.

The film follows the adventures of Amber Heard, who gets locked up in an mental institution where strange murders have been occurring. Is it a ghost? Or is it something else entirely? Whatever it is, we're on a fun ride getting there. It's a fun cast and each of the girls that is locked up in the ward with Amber Heard's character has some interesting problems. One is suicidal, one thinks she's a little kid, another thinks she's Jackie O or at least dresses like her. It is set in the 60s though so I might just be misjudging that last part.

Much like the Descent, the idea of whether the monster that the people are seeing is real comes up, and it's handled decently. We get tossed a few other red herrings along the way and it ends up being a pleasant surprise how it ends. There is another recent movie that actually does something similar, but I liked this one a lot more. I won't reveal the identity of that film, as if you know the ending, it will give away this one.

It's gotten bad reviews, but it's a pretty enjoyable movie. I don't think it did well though so we might have to wait awhile on another film from Carpenter, which is a shame, as he's one of the true masters of the genre out there and always entertains. Check it out.

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