Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Lantern the Animated Series

I'm really loving the Green Lantern cartoon on Cartoon Network. The CGI is good, not stellar, but good enough to replicate the Bruce Timm style that was popularized in JLU and it's predecessors. The stories are where the show really shines. It's playing a bit fast and loose with the continuity, so if you're following the comics, you'll be certain to notice a bunch of deviations.

For the most part, they work. In fact, in some ways they're an improvement on what we've seen in floppies. In particular, I really enjoyed with how they handled Saint Walker. They haven't introduced Blue Lanterns yet in the series but they did give us a good look at his character. It's a big change from the pilgrim we've seen in the comics. This Saint Walker is self-assured and has a good handle on kung-fu, which he puts to good use. That's not to say he runs in kicking butt. Instead, he defends himself from attackers until he is left no other option, knowing in his own way that all will be well.

Such a great show. I need to catch up on the episodes I have on the DVR. I'm such a slacker with tv lately. I apologize. Anyway, check it out.

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