Monday, March 12, 2012

Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides

We were bored on Saturday, so against my better judgement, me and the wifey popped in the new Pirates movie. Sometimes, I should just trust my instincts. Especially as I found the previous two installments rather lackluster. It's a shame, though, as I enjoy the Jack Sparrow character and his shenanigans.

In this film, Jack Sparrow is on a quest for the Fountain of Youth and running into friends and foes both new and old along the way. What should be an interesting and fun quest gets dragged down by extensive action sequences that go on for far too long and appear with almost too much frequency. As a viewer, I shouldn't be bored by the action on screen. It's almost like they decided to parody the series hallmark of stunt sequences with them.

The plot is pretty simple and there's quite a bit of foreshadowing on how the end will play out between two characters in particular. It's unfortunate that it's between two characters we don't care about. It's no fault of the actors, either. They're all good. I think it's that, despite the long run time, we don't really spend long enough with any of them to even start to care about their fates, save for Captain Jack Sparrow, who honestly feels like a bit player in the movie instead of a star.

I think paring it down a bit for a quicker pace would help the film immensely, as well as focusing on more on Sparrow, as he's the main draw for most of us watching. I'm not expecting to be moved to tears by a Pirates movie, but I shouldn't be bored to them either when watching it.

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