Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Aquabats Super Show

Saturday mornings just got a little brighter. No, not because of Daylight Savings Time. Instead, this stems from a crop of new shows on tv that don't suck. Leading the pack is a show by the Aquabats, a ska band that has been around for awhile and likes to pretend they're super heroes. Their show is an amalgam of Batman and the Monkees with a dash of some Sid and Marty Kroft for good measure and is tons of fun. It's the type of show I would watch as a kid, growing up with the above three shows, and I'm glad that my daughter can watch this show. You know what? She loves it, too, so they're doing something right. That's no surprise considering the leader of the Aquabats is one of the masterminds behind the hit show Yo Gabba Gabba. I think some of that magic is rubbing off here. They're only two episodes in and I know I'm hooked and can't wait for another ep of the five heroes/band members as they sing their songs and fight some villains along the way.

Also on is the Green Lantern cartoon. It's your standard superhero fare but it's GL so I'm loving it. I know there was a bit of an uproar because it's Bruce Timm style but in CGI instead of traditional animation. It's rather unfounded though as the show looks very good and is well written and crafted to boot. Check it out.

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