Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zombie Killing for Fun and Profit

Ok, maybe not profit. I am having a blast playing Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS. It's a nice and creepy tale that evokes the earlier games in the series but uses the control scheme (or a variant of) pioneered by RE4. So you basically you have things jumping out at you from all over the place, making you scream like a little kid, but you can run away and shoot them with ease. Until you run out of ammo.

That's another change from RE4&5. The ammo can get rather scarce, so if you decide to try and blast everything that moves, you might end up in dire straits later on. It can get hectic, so you don't have forever to aim your shots, but try and make them count. Aiming for the head, as always, is preferred, though center mass might be easier if you're in a hurry.

The bosses are nice and creepy as well, usually dropping audio cues well before you reach them to unnerve you. Then you run into them and it's a race to keep yourself alive and kill them while trying to avoid the multitude of other enemies that pop up to make life more miserable for you.

The basic plot has you on a ship as Jill Valentine, trying to figure out how the mysterious vessel ties into events from the past that seem to be coming back to threaten the world. Any more than that might give away the plot turns and twists that make the game fun. There are a few more characters besides Jill you get to play as, perhaps to prepare us for the character switching in RE6. They use the same game play, but help advance the plot without trying to cram everything into the ship.

In keeping with the newer entries in the series, there is also a minigame of sorts, much like Mercenaries from the last two console versions. This new game is called Raid Mode. Instead of trying to kill as many enemies as you can within a time limit, you have to traverse levels from the game and exterminate everything that moves and get to the end. No time limit and you can even replenish ammo from fallen enemies at times. There's also a level system. You get XP that raises you level, and as you go up, you can use better versions of weapons you find. Then have level restrictions so you might find an awesome weapon early on but not be able to use it for a bit. In addition, you can add abilities to the weapons to increase their usefulness and damage. Not quite the leveling system in 4 or 5, but still handy, considering the enemies increase in level too as you progress. You can do this alone or bring a friend along for the ride with wireless and online game play.

All in all, it's a fun entry to the series and worth picking up if you have a 3DS and want an engaging and entertaining zombie killing game and see some familiar faces.

Check it out.

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John Peters said...

I think It would be very difficult to play zombie games for profit. They are funny and scary so they could be played for fun but i order to make you some money your only chance is to become a game beta tester. I have recently reviewed some undead games and did not receive any payment for it. Many indie game designers do not have any money to pay to beta testers but I still like these games and would test them even for free.