Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Thing (2011)

When it comes to horror movies, John Carpenter's version of The Thing is one of my favorites. Great tension, acting and plot come together to form one hell of a ride. As you can imagine, any attempt to remake this was going to be on shit list and I was going to be skeptical. Fortunately, they opted to not remake it, per se, but instead offer us the tale of what happened in the Norwegian camp that led to the events in Carpenter's classic.

It does a decent job with it. Much like the Descent and it's sequel, or Alien and Aliens, a lot of the suspense about what exactly is killing people is removed and we get much more in the way of action. The Thing goes on plenty of rampages and we see it assimilate quite a few people, or at least begin to, which in the original was mainly left off screen. It makes for a fun ride, but not one that will leave much of an impression.

The plot follows Mary Elizabeth Winstead as she gets hired to help with a dig in the Antarctic. It's all rather hush hush, and it turns out they have found a flying saucer. They've also uncovered a foreign life form hidden in the ice that they bring back to get samples from. Then it breaks out. From then on in, the movie kicks it into high gear. Most of the faces that surround her are forgettable and serve mainly to be taken over or killed by the alien. The few that are rounded out are alright, but the fact that one of them is basically your evil scientist tripe is kind of lousy. I would expect a little better, though maybe that's a nod to Howard Hawkes version.

Not a must see film, but certainly not the worst way to kill an hour and a half, if just to watch Ramona Flowers with a flamethrower.

Check it out.

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