Sunday, February 19, 2012


The wife wanted to watch Twilight something or other last night. Not being a fan, I fired up the 3DS and Netflix and grabbed my trusty nine dollar headphones and settled down for a movie with manliness that would counteract the chick flick on the big screen--Doghouse.

The movie takes place in the UK, where a group of guys have gotten together to help a friend get over his divorce by having a guys weekend away. After starting at the local pub, they get on a bus driven by a lovely lady and head to a small town in the woods, where one of their friends has a relative with a house they can use and the population is supposed to be heavy on the women. This unfortunately doesn't turn out as planned when they get there and find that the women have gone crazy with some virus and have turned into zombie-like maniacs who want to devour the flesh of every man they see.

Not quite what they had in mind.

An entertaining mix of comedy and horror, Doghouse hits more often than misses and dishes up equal doses of scares and laughs. The guys are pretty likable, even the required asshole friend, so we genuinely care what happens to them. It helps that it takes a bit to get going so we have some time to find out what makes them tick. They act like friends, too, which is nice, where we get concern and good ribbing to go along with it. Can't say I recognize many of the actors from anything, save Mickey from Doctor Who and I believe the stoner from Severance. Good bunch though. I didn't have any complaints with them, save for one of the ones I was rooting for didn't survive the film.

It's a fun twist on the zombie genre that shouldn't go overlooked by any fan of these types of films. Check it out.

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