Thursday, November 17, 2011

High School of the Dead

Started watching this nifty little anime the other day. I was intrigued as I like anime and zombies and this seemingly combined the two. How could I lose? Turns out to be a pretty good choice so far as I'm rather enjoying it.

The plot, in a nutshell, is that a zombie outbreak in Toyko occurs and whole parts of the city are ravaged rather quickly. The school that the main characters attend is no exception, and with just one infection, gets taken over rather quickly. The heroes, friends and strangers alike, band together to try and get the hell out of there and to safety and their families--if any are still alive.

It's got some great gore and fun characters and some fantastic zombie killing action. I think that's what drew me in from the start. The running POV that turns into some zombie smackdown is something I absolutely love about the series. It does have its share of fanservice, which gets ratcheted up rather absurdly in Episode 6 and so far in 7 is there as well. I think that kind of goofiness with the occasional humor that they have keeps the series from going too serious and grim and is a welcome change from some of the tough choices that they have to make. Also, the series has the first time I can remember someone having to pee in the middle of a tough situation, which is funny as I would probably have to do that as well. It's a nice touch and really rounds out the characters.

Check it out.

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