Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Troll Hunter

Found footage movies can be a tricky watch for me. The shaky camera starts to get annoying and sometimes there's more filler/introductory stuff than necessary and not enough action. The Troll Hunter, fortunately, avoids that as the camera crew is following the main character before they even know he's a troll hunter, so right away we have all of our pieces on the board.

And what a board it is. Unlike, say, Cloverfield, we actually get frequent and good looks at the monsters in question. There are even several different types of them, each with a different look and characteristics. The camera crew realizes early on that the man they want for their story isn't a poacher at all, but a hunter the like they have never seen before and decide to record the fantastic monsters he fights. From there, they are thrown headfirst into a deadly world where the story of a lifetime might just get them killed.

The Troll Hunter is a fun ride from start to its albeit abrupt ending. I saw trolls. I saw them hunted. We got a great main character in the hunter, whose world weary nature starts to show through as the film progresses. We even get a reference to The Three Billy Goats Gruff. As a plus, we get some beautiful Norwegian countryside in the film as well and it is breathtaking. Also, the CGI is rather good as well.

There's some nice touches in the film that help sell the concept of fighting mythological creatures, mainly in the clean-up, where you find out just how involved fighting one of these things can be, especially when they turn to stone or explode. Most of it gets blamed on bears, and the wildlife official who helps the hunter is rather picky about the types of bears he wants for the job.

I'd rank this up there with Monsters as a fun, low-budget creature film that exceeds all expectations and makes for a pleasurable viewing experience.

Check it out.

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