Saturday, October 08, 2011

Of Unknown Origin

Tonight's film on Friday Night Frights answers the age old question of what you do when an intelligent and malicious rodent is menacing you and your family. If you're Peter Weller, you go fucking crazy and try to kill him using a variety of items like poison, traps and maybe a baseball bat with nails through it. Trust me, it works.

Of Unknown Origin is a fun little movie. Peter Weller plays a banker who just got a new assignment that could further his career. His hot as hell wife Shannon Tweed and his son go up to visit her father and give him a little peace and quiet so he can get the job done. Everything seems to be going fine until a rat starts making problems in his house, like chewing threw the dishwasher hose and flooding his kitchen and chewing threw things. Instead of focusing on work, Weller starts to focus on the rat, learning everything he can about them and trying every way in his power to kill it, eventually becoming obsessed by it.

I for one, can relate to his plight. As a homeowner, when you discover something amiss like pests or some other problem, it starts to consume you, and in your mania, you find yourself riding to Walmart in the dead of night to buy pesticides and the like to wage your own little war on them. Maybe that's just me. Still, it's chilling when you have a home invader in the walls, out thinking and outsmarting you at every turn.

Weller plays the part well, calmly obsessing about the rat in the walls while reading Moby Dick and watching The Old Man and the Sea. He even starts to relate what he'd learned about rats at a business dinner, disturbing the people around him, showing the first signs that he might be snapping. And honestly, I cared about his plight. I wanted to see him succeed not only with the rat, but with business as well.

And I wanted to see Shannon Tweed naked more. I'm only human.

A fun little film. A little dated but still creepy and a quick watch, clocking in around an hour and a half. Definitely worth a watch this Halloween season. Just not if you have pests.

Check it out.

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