Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Does anyone else out there love this movie as much as me? For me, it's the best of the sequels and really captures the feeling of the season rather well too. It also features the return of Michael stalking his prey like a champ instead of just popping up and killing them like he did for most of the other sequels. In the original, one of the most chilling things is how he just waits and watches his prey and we get glimpses of him in the background before he disappears and eventually ends his victim's life. The mask looks better than it will in the later sequels and Haddonfield feels like a small, midwest town for once.

I like that even though the police are pretty proactive and believe Loomis when he tells them that Michael is back, the Shape always seems to stay a step ahead of them and is rather cunning in the way he plunges the whole town into chaos. Not bad for someone who never speaks a word.

The early showdown between Loomis and Michael in the gas station is great too. I think that's one of my favorite set pieces in the film, outside the scene later on in the film on the streets of Haddonfield where Michael is stalking Jamie and it ends in a rather surprising way.

It's playing on AMC quite a bit this week due to the impending holiday and I'm quite happy about that. If you haven't seen it before, I would recommend checking it out, as it's the perfect type of movie for your Halloween celebrations.

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