Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Comics: 9.8.11

Light week this time around, considering I'm not buying all of the 52 #1 issues. I would have picked up JLI and Swamp Thing but they were sold out so I didn't get them. Might get the trades on them if they're good. Next week is a little heavier, especially if I get Mr. Terrific for some Karen Starr action. Assuming she's in it.


Godzilla - Gangster and Goliaths #4: Monsters are attacking Tokyo and a Yakuza member seems to be in charge of everything now that he possesses the Elias. Fortunately, our favorite detective isn't down and out yet and he's got a plan. Mostly a set up issue with some fun monster fights. The final issue should be fun with the return of an old favorite. I love the way this is tying into the ongoing series and it's a joy to see the movie monsters in it. Too many series had to make up other monsters because they didn't license anything other than Godzilla. Not so here, and it shows with awesome action.

Danger Girl vs. The Army of Darkness #3: Most of this issue is backstory on Sydney Savage, which is pleasant as I don't remember any on her before. Then we're back in on the story with her springing Ash from jail because they need his help to destroy the Necronomicon. More set-up but with some fun action and buxom women and our hero Ash doing a little butt kicking of his own. Decent fun for a team-up that actually does make some sense in a weird sort of way. I'm enjoying it.

The Boys #58: It's the beginning of the end as events move the Boys into conflict with the Seven. Good issue and the next issue looks like it's where shit starts to go down. I think the end is near, as I remember Ennis saying it was supposed to run 60 or so issues in total. Some say it's crass and childish. I think it's a fun ride that titillates yet raises some questions about superheroes and whether they do more harm than good with all the power they have. Plus Hughie looks like Simon Pegg. That's pretty damn awesome. Can't wait to see how it all ends.

That's all for this week.

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