Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Comics for 9.14.11

It's that time of the week again. Wednesday, when new comics come out and joy spreads throughout the land to millions of people. Fuck them, though. I'm only interested in what came out for me to read. :)

ASM# 669: Spider Island continues, with most of the island of Manhattan being infected now and spider powers developing in all of them. Peter and his girlfriend try to get to the bottom of the matter and find out who is behind it all. They're close, but then a new twist in the plot makes the infection worse than it seems. Good issue. Solid art and dialogue. My only complaint is that since it's an event, there are things that are dealt with in issues outside of the main title and we get allusions to them but not much more. My fault for being on a budget and not getting them all, though Venom looks rather bad ass. A fun story. Hard to believe that a few years ago we were all bitching about One More Day. They've certainly turned it around since those few beginning story arcs when even the die-hards like me were thinking about dropping it.

JSI #1: Big thanks to Pete at Comics Plus for snagging the next shipment of DC #1s and getting me this issue which I missed. A fun issue. I think more happened in it than in JLA #1 and even though this had a bunch of relative B-listers by most standards, it was more fun. I might actually have to get this on a regular basis, especially if they keep Guy Gardner in it for my GL connection.

GL#1: An alright issue. Hal is all sad face because he doesn't have a ring anymore and Sinestro is all angry face because he does. More character development than anything. Should pick up in the next few issues. If you were a new reader picking it up, you might be disappointed.

Red Lanterns #1: Also introspective for the lead character, which in this is Atrocitus, but features some decent action set pieces and back story to make it more accessible for new readers. Not only do we learn about his past, but his future may include a mutiny in the very Corps he created. Until he ships the oh so sexy Bleez off to the New Guardians. Good story and great artwork by Benes.

That's all for this week.

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