Saturday, September 03, 2011

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Unreleased movies can be hit or miss. A lot of times they're unreleased they're terrible and I guess the studio doesn't think they can make their money back on it and don't want to release a dud. Other times, it seems like they've just fallen through the cracks due to one reason or another. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is one of the latter. It has been finished, it had a distributor that dropped it and now it seems like nobody wants to pick them up. Yet it has a release in Europe on dvd, which is where I got it. It's a shame, too, because it's a really good little slasher movie that people should be able to watch.

Amber Heard stars as Mandy Lane, the titular girl and an outsider that, well, all the boys love. She gets invited out to a weekend getaway at a friend's Texas ranch and they all pile into the car and go out there. Unfortunately, it seems like someone else is following them and once they get there, the kids start getting picked off one by one. It seems like someone might love Mandy Lane enough to kill for her.

It's not a groundbreaking film and won't change your views on slasher movies, but it's a solid flick. The acting is tight and Amber Heard shines in the lead. I can believe all the boys want her. She's beautiful. The rest of the kids are decent and despite a lot of them being kind of dicks and only wanting to nail Mandy, you actually start to care a bit for them before they start getting offed. They're not terrible people. They're just kids.

And the cinematography is gorgeous. There are some shots that are absolutely breathtaking in this movie and they make the most out of their environment with great shots of folks running in the fields and great use of color too. One of the best looking horror movies that I've seen in awhile.

The story is pretty lean but kids go to party all the time so that's not a stretch and they all have some interesting backgrounds and are fairly fleshed out. The killer's identity might not come as a surprise but then again, since his identity ties into Mandy, it makes sense, which is more than I can say for some other films.

Random note: before watching this movie, I thought it was a different type of movie. I didn't expect it to be a slasher film. By the title and some out of context shot on the net, I thought it would be like that Valentine's Day episode of Buffy where Xander casts a love spell and all the girls in the town want him and try to get him by any means necessary, with Mandy fending off the guys and maybe having to kill him. I was kind of disappointed when it wasn't but not much, since it's a fun movie. And now I can make the other one. :)

God knows when you're going to be able to see this movie, but the dvd is region free if you find a place to import it from. It's definitely worth a watch.

Check it out.

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