Thursday, August 04, 2011

Resident Evil: Afterlife

It took awhile, but I finally saw Resident Evil: Afterlife, the latest and greatest RE movie. I was going to watch it awhile ago on Netflix, but Sony wigged out and had their shit removed while they hammered out a contract that I still don't know if they finished. So I taped it off of Starz. Works for me. Unfortunately, the film didn't.

Honestly, it was boring.

And that's a cardinal sin for an action horror film. I can't say that the third movie was fantastic, but it at least kept me interested and the first two films I think are great fun. The movie did look pretty and had some interesting set design and zombie choices, in particular the majini zombies and the executioner, who is my nemesis from RE5. The characters were interesting enough for the film too, but they just don't get much to do. Alice spends quite a bit of time flying around talking to the camera, eventually finding Claire and then flying around and talking to the camera. Which is a letdown after watching Alice multihandedly take down an Umbrella base in the beginning.

The deaths were few and uninspiring. A lot of the cast gets taken quickly and without a lot of gore by the majinis, who are like ninjas, apparently. The others don't die in an interesting manner. The effects, when used, were well done, however.

It was nice to see more of the human side of Alice, since we're used to her being an unstoppable killing machine and you get some fan favorite characters making their appearance in the series, or reappearance, if you count Wesker having more to do. He doesn't get used well though. You see him in the beginning and I'll spoiler nothing really in saying he's the bad guy at the end, who doesn't show up until the movie is almost done. I think that's the big problem with the plot. You basically have several situations to deal with. Alice is looking for a place called Arcadia and can't find it. Then she goes to a prison and they have to get out before they're overrun. Then you deal with the villian. It seems like the two points could have been saved for separate movies, with finding Arcadia being one and maybe the prison being another. As it is, you don't spend enough time to care about them.

A lackluster entry in a fun series, but there's not much excitement or a body count in a series that has killed off the entire earth. They might have jumped the gun there and if they had drawn it out and maybe only infected some countries.

If they make another using the villain they have set up, I'll be very happy though. Just saying.

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