Friday, August 12, 2011


From the depths of, um, a river, comes a horrific horror the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. Behold, the eight armed maven of massacre, the OCTAMAN! That sentence right there, kids? That's more excitement than you'll find in the movie, and I just made that up. Still, tonight's Friday Night Fright was entertaining in its own, charming way.

The plot of the movie follows a scientist studying the pollution levels around an area in Mexico and wondering if the radiation will have any effect on the wildlife. He needn't have wondered, as these conditions have already spawned a horrific creature that is part octopus and part man and all nutty. Though honestly, I'm not sure the radiation/pollution angle was responsible for the monster as apparently he attacked some dude's relatives in a flashback, which makes it seem like the creature has been wandering around for awhile.

And wander he does. While the scientist captures the Octaman's children and stuffs them scientifically into buckets, the monster wastes no time in moseying on down to the RV that the people are using as a base and freeing them, usually with some hot tentacle slapping action and possibly a strangulation or two. For a creature seven feet tall and covered with suckers, he sure manages to sneak up on people quite a bit. I can't imagine that he has ninja-like abilities, but apparently, he can pop in and out faster than the Majini zombies in last week's RE: Afterlife. Also, he can turn around and blend in with the terrain, if you think that the back of a rubber suit matches said terrain, that is.

The acting is wooden and the plot lifts a bit from Gorgo, but the creature costume is where the movie really shines. The design is interesting, albeit executed not as well as it could be, with some shots of it really making it look horrific and covered in slime and imposing, whereas others (most of the film) look like it just rolled out of storage for a quick take.

And they don't skimp on the monster action. In too many of these films, they hide the design and the action scenes are few and far between. It might not be for the best, but Octaman shows off the creature during the opening credits and its rare for the movie to go more than ten minutes without him popping up in either an impromptu attack or just to leer at the lady in the film, who sadly, remains clothed. Or maybe gladly, as it didn't seem like she had assets that would improve the film.

If you're a fan of men in rubber suits for your monsters, I would check this one out, simply for some nostalgia of when they tried to make some good monster flicks for TV. This may not be one of them, but as a kid watching horror host shows on Saturday afternoons, this would have been a gem.

Check it out.

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