Sunday, August 14, 2011

MTG Playmat

Finally finished a custom MTG playmat that I had begun awhile ago. I ordered the playmat months ago and had the art created in Photoshop and printed onto iron-on transfers but I lacked one important thing. An iron. I also didn't have some paint that I wanted to use to color in the top and the bottom of the playmat and doing that with the iron-ons might have been difficult in terms of lining them up. It also made it a little less plain as the images on the white mat might not have been enough to bring it all together. Then last night I got an iron and finally had some time to do it today. I think it came out well for a first attempt.

I was working on the art for two mats concurrently, though I'm not sure if I'll use that for the next one. This one, obviously, is of a few Green Lanterns. Namely, my favorite, Kyle Rayner and the two loves of his life, Soranik Natu and Jade. Though Jade's costume is more Savage Land in the art I found than GL. And I put in Power Girl too. And green Dalek that appears to be startled by Power Girl's crotch. I'm a pervert though so that's probably the reasoning behind it. That and I like Power Girl and Daleks and it seemed like a good way to fit them in.

The next playmat I had art for would actually be all Power Girl. I might try something a little less benign for play in the store though as I don't want to weird people out. Though maybe that could be an advantage for me if they're distracted while they play.

The ironing method of playmat creation seems to work pretty well so far, though I haven't tried any durability test or anything on it. It looks nice though there are a few spots where it burned a bit during the overlapping transfer paper. Note to self--don't do that. Also, getting the backings off of them was difficult as I cut them around the art and that makes it tricky around arms and legs and smaller parts of the art. Next time I might just make some rectangles or squares to put on instead. Might look nicer and give me a cleaner border.

It's cheaper than getting a custom one printed via a few of the online venues and better looking I think than some of said online ones where it's not a playmat but some other thing like a doormat or bar mat that you're basically re-purposing. I might try one of the online ones later on but at 30-50 bucks a pop. This came out way cheaper at around 20 for the mat and the paper, maybe a little less.

I'll report more on it as I get some use out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to trouble you on an old post. I am looking to do iron-ons for my own playmats. I can't find very much info online for this method. Could you please tell me what sort of playmat you used for this excellent mat? Either the brand, or at least the material? Is it the normal foam type that most playmats are made of? Did you use normal tee shirt iron-ons?