Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Jeez. In a week where we already had an earthquake, we get hit with a Category 1 hurricane named Irene. Granted, the earthquake was just a little wobbling, this was a much bigger deal, especially when you're near the shore and there's a possibility of flooding and downed trees and the like since that was the zone it was likely to hit. I'll admit I was nervous. Not to a crazy degree like some people who went mad buying supplies, but I made sure my ducks were in order, that is for sure with crank radios and cell phone chargers and water and the like. And it was my first hurricane in the new house, so understandable I was a little shaky hoping my home would stand up to it.

How was it?

Well, it wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was still a little scary. The winds around 9pm on were terrifyingly strong and blasting the house with rain, of which we got a ton. And it went on forever, it seemed. Eventually there was a tornado warning and we vacated to the basement of the house where it was much quieter and I actually fell asleep down there on an inflatable mattress. Still some residual stuff to pass through right now and then hopefully we'll be done by, I dunno, tomorrow? I had been through hurricanes before but I think that was the slowest one and Saturday seemed to go on forever waiting for it.

I hope those others out there who went through it got out alright and everything is ok with your and yours.

Also, we cleaned up the yard but left a straggler out there in the hurricane. Fortunately, he survived and didn't budge an inch.

Go VT gnome!

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