Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comics for 8.30.11

Got some new comics today and they were pretty damn good.

JLA#1: The first issue released from the 52 issue reboot of continuity by DC Comics. It was good. Definitely an opening issue to get people on board with the forming of the league, and it mostly centers on Batman and Green Lantern meeting for the first time. Well drawn and well written, my only complaint would be that I already know they know each other in the other continuity so I just want to see them go kick ass. It's a set-up issue but worth your time if you want to check out an iteration of the league that features the big guns.

ASM #668: Spider-Island continues, with the infestation brawl from last issue concluding thanks to your friendly, neighborhood...Peter Parker? Good issue. I love the chaos that's spawning from a bunch of NY citizens getting spider powers. Great appearances from other heroes and there an ongoing mystery I must have missed in previous issues concerning the identity of one of the researchers at Horizon Labs, where Peter works. The character is hidden and we only get vague references to their identity. Wonder who it is?

Angel & Faith #1: Spoilers, if you haven't been reading Buffy and pick this up just for the title characters like I did, you will have parts of that series ruined for you. I didn't really care as I dropped off that series about halfway through. This is a fun little issue, following the legacy of a character and how Angel and Faith are going to make things right. I love both characters so having an series with them in it is rather fun. I believe it's a mini, but I'll probably get it all now.

Goon #35: Pick this issue up. Seriously. It's hilarious. Guest writer Evan Dorkin spins a tale of the Goon and Frankie and a mysterious carnival. Fantastic stuff. It seems like every panel has a gem of a quote in it and I couldn't stop laughing at it. The art, as always, is beautiful and by Eric Powell. One of my favorite series and I'm so glad it's back off of hiatus. Everyone needs to be reading this series. For crying out loud, I did a spit take during this issue, though to be honest, I tend to do one with every issue of the Goon. It's just that good and I should really know by now not to be drinking anything when I start perusing the pages of a new installment. Cheap whiskey went everywhere.

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