Monday, July 04, 2011

The H-Man

TCM was really knocking it out of the park with some fun sci-fi marathons on Thursdays last month. Most of them were movies I had seen already, but last week they showed one that I had sadly never seen before--The H-Man, a science-fiction film from director Ishiro Honda. It was rather amazing.

After a nuclear explosion, some creatures are formed. These monsters are a living liquid that creeps and crawls and dissolves people, which is their way of eating people. They also can take on ghostly, monstrous forms, which also dissolve people. A scientist, the police, a night club singer and mobsters are all woven into the tale which pits them against each other and the creatures as they try to survive.

It's a quick and fun movie, with decent special effects. The dissolving scenes are rather creepy and the ooze itself is well done, looking better than a similar monster in The Blob. I found it interesting that at its heart, the movie is a mobster movie with the monsters really playing more of an incidental part until the end scenes in the sewers. The similarities between these scenes and the remake of The Blob lead me to wonder if the latter film took inspiration from this movie. Any movie with a scantily clad cadre of night club singers is fine by me as well.

Well worth checking out.

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