Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doctor Who and the Daleks

I decided to keep my fare a little lighter this Friday as I was short on time for a movie. I chose Dr. Who and the Daleks as my film of choice. This non-canon production was part of two movies developed by Amicus for the big screen and featured Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. Yes, he's actually called Dr. Who in this one.

Dr. Who builds TARDIS and with Susan, Barbara and her boyfriend Ian, they take it for a spin and end up on a world ravaged by war between two races, some peace loving farmers who look like Stuart from MadTV and the titular Daleks. The Daleks look really striking in this movie, coming in an assortment of colors that makes me want to catch them all. I think one was even in D&H livery, which means I have trains on the brain from work. They're appropriately menacing and devious and I always like seeing them on the screen. Dr. Who and his family are well done too, actually feeling like a unit as they try to survive.

It has decent effects for the time and the Daleks actually look more imposing than the ones on the little screen from around the same time, standing taller. I'm looking forward to watching the sequel soon as it brings the Daleks to Earth to cause some trouble. The film is definitely worth a viewing just for completionist's sake and Cushing makes a great Doctor, even if it isn't canon. I enjoy the doddering inventor take on the character though he handles himself well in crisis.

Check it out.

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