Sunday, June 05, 2011

Zombie Honeymoon

I remember hearing about Zombie Honeymoon before it came out. Not a review. Just that they filmed in New Jersey, pretty close to where I live. I thought that was cool and made a note to check it out whenever it hit dvd as I was fairly certain I would miss it in the theater. Well, after languishing in my Netflix queue for ages, I picked it up for five bucks at Walmart with the intention of watching it. Then it sat there on the shelf for a year or so until I remembered I had it and checked it out for this week's Friday Night Fright. Was it worth the wait?

Well, no. Not due to any hype I had for the movie. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid little film, but for some reason I have a feeling that it's been done better in another movie I've seen, but for the life of me I can't remember what I'm comparing it to in my head. The movie is about two newlyweds, obviously, who get married and head down to the shore for their honeymoon and lots of sexing. One day, while at the beach, they're chilling when all of a sudden a zombie comes out of the ocean and vomits into the husband's mouth and dies. Of course the husband isn't feeling well so they take him to the hospital where he dies but then comes back ten minutes later, feeling fine and ready to go home. Unfortunately, like most returns from beyond the grave, he has come back wrong and starts to develop a hunger for more than just his wife's love. Slowly, he's turning into the undead and his wife is determined to stand by him in sickness or in health.

The acting is decent, particularly by the wife, who is dressed for the wedding like Lydia in Beetlejuice, red dress and all. She even looks like Winona Ryder at times and best of all, she shows some skin, which is important for these smaller productions. It's nice seeing the shore in a movie, though it looks like they didn't do much filming in Spring Lake, where the flick is set. Not a big problem but I was hoping to see more landmarks from the town. Looks more like Deal, really, though that might have been necessary to get the secluded beach they needed for the initial zombie attack. More importantly, they do deliver on some zombie goodness, with some brutal kills and decent make-up. If you're looking for hordes of the undead, look elsewhere, as the film is about a man's deterioration from infection and spreads by an odd vector, not just biting.

I think the movie is a little confused about what it wants to be. It plays like a straight horror movie, but at times it seems like they want it to be a horror comedy, what with the infusion of psychobilly music and the way some of the attacks happen. It's only a moment or two, so it's a bit out of place.

I would say it's an average movie, done well for its budget and small cast, but not the cult classic ala Evil Dead that some reviews would have you believe. If you're in the mood for a subdued, personal horror film about the things we'll do for love, even if one of us is the undead, this one is for you. Worth a watch, especially to support a homegrown NJ director, but you won't be getting repeat viewings on this one, I wager. I hear that the director wants to make a sequel, too. If so, I hope he sets it at the shore again. Always great to see the state in a movie.

Check it out.

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