Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pre-con: Relic Breaker

I got to test out a pre-con that I had for awhile now during my weekly MTG lunch that I have with my friend at work. I've been doing well with the decks I created and since I had this one lying around after my brother gave it to me, I decided to give it a whirl. As you can tell by the name, it has a specific set of skills that the deck relies on to function. Namely, relic (artifact) breaking. Most of the creatures you have in the deck are geared towards this, from the foil rare to several of your beaters. This is great for a relic heavy block like Scars of Mirrodin. Not so much against regular decks.

Today I was matched up against the Knights deck from the Knights vs Dragons duel deck, as it was one of the few Jesse had handy. I had a bad feeling about choosing a red deck against it, since the Knights are geared towards taking down dragons, something my deck was rather light on. To do this, they're pretty aggro oriented and sure enough, I was up against a full board a few times that I had to get creative to beat. The Knights deck hits hard and fast and does it well. That's not to say that Relic Breaker is any slouch. It's just not as light on its feet as I would prefer. Check out a more in depth review over at Ertai's Lament.

The low drops in the deck are the mana myrs and they're not going to do too much against the fast knights. I had none of those in hand, opting to keep two Barrage Ogres and an Sylviok Replica as my creatures. I eventually pulled one, but not until after I had to take down a few knights with spells like Arc Trail and Untamed Might on a chump block. I landed a cudgel troll, who turned out to be the MVP for me, landing the majority of the damage I had until I dropped the Ogres. That wasn't going to help me when Jesse landed a dude with protection from red. I had to play around him, fireballing his troops and then sacrificing my myr to the Ogre to ping another guy for two. I swung for four and brought him into range for a bum rush. He played another creature who could block me and might turn the tide in his favor, with me having been whittled down to four health. Fortunately, I had a panic spellbomb to pop and that cleared the way for me to win.

It's a fun deck, but it clearly needs some low end help. I'll probably be tossing in some Furnace Scamps as a one drop, giving me the ability to hit for four on the ground if the way is clear, giving me some leverage against early attacks. Why swing at me for two if I can return for four if you're using your only blocker? Seems like a plan. I think I need some more burn in there too. I feel the need for some bolts. They're too good not to have and can either clear the board of some troublemakers or finish the opponent off. I shall meddle with it. I was pleased with it though. A solid player for the one game I played. I'll need to get some more in before I can really judge the weaknesses better, though they seem to be as I suspected.

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