Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy

I make no secret of it. I love men in rubber suits. Not the bondage kind, the monster kind. Godzilla. Gamera. Ultraman. I think the movies and tv shows are fantastic. So you can imagine my glee when I booted up Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy where I got to see just about every Ultraman and a slew of monsters that they face duke it out as the good guys try to stop the evil Ultraman Belial.

Ultraman Belial, the aforementioned villian, once was a hero. He tried to take the light that keeps the planet of the Ultramen alive and was exiled for it. After combining with an evil monster, Belial tried to take it again but this time was imprisoned by Ultra King. Well, it's years later and some enterprising monster decides to free Belial so that he can have his help in conquering the universe. That goes over well as can be expected with an immediate betrayal and Belial succeeds in his quest to steal the light after fighting every Ultraman that gets in his path, plunging the planet into freezing night. It's up to a cadre of humans working with Ultraman, Mebius and Seven as well as the new Ultraman, Zero, to get the light back and rid the universe of the menace of Belial and save the world.

I won't tell you if that happens, but what I will say is that this movie knows how to deliver. It's almost constant action, with fight after fight from the opening minutes to the very end. Single combat. Group battles. Space battles. This movie has it all in spades. I have to say, it was awesome seeing Ultraman and Seven back in action again, as I grew up with them, as well as seeing all the other different Ultras that I have a passing familiarity with. The new monster design is off the chain too. Belial looks like Lord Zedd mixed with Carnage but not hilarious. Instead, he's very sinister and monstrous. The end monster is a fantastic creation that needs to be seen to be believed. Epic is the only word to describe it. And maybe creepy. I could almost throw this under a horror movie tag just for that creature alone.

I wasn't sure if I would like Zero but I think he's pretty badass, if a little overpowered in some of the fights, though he needs to be considering the power level of his opponents. He even has an almost mega-smasher-like finish. That gets cool points. Chest beams are cool. Trust me.

There's a sequel I'll have to check out now. If it's anything like this one, I'll be very entertained. Check it out.

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