Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Lantern

I miss the days when I could just run out and see a movie opening night. Having a baby necessitates that I must reign in such desires, at least until I can get a baby sitter. Well, with a sitter gotten, the wife and I rolled out to see our first movie in awhile, and it was Green Lantern, one of my favorite super heroes. Being a big fanboy for GL, what did I think of this film that seems to be reviled by most? I loved it, of course.

I'm sure my fanaticism for it helps fuel my liking for it, but really, it was actually quite good. Is it going to blow you away? Maybe if you're a big fan. I think if you liked something like Iron Man, you'll enjoy this. There's a lot of material that they try to fit into the movie and I'll admit that distilling the essence of the early Hal Jordan stories, most of which was expanded on over multiple issues, is a daunting task. There's Hal Jordan's history and his friends and family. There's the history of the Corps itself. There's Parallax, the villain of the piece. Can't forget Hector Hammond, a sympathetic villain who is actually used better than in the comics. And more. It's all balanced rather well and we jump from Earth to space and back again and cover quite a lot of territory in the sub-two hour run time. And it's necessary. By getting this out of the way, we are free to frolic in a sequel. But that's the future.

Ryan Reynolds is great as GL. He brings a humanity and humor to Hal Jordan that is missing from the comics, where the character comes off as rather bland. He's a real great in and out of costume and does a fantastic job acting against a green screen and in a mocap suit for most of the movie. Blake Lively is sexy and confident as his boss/friend, Carol Ferris. Mark Strong is suitably tough as Sinestro and Peter Skaarsgard is a sniveling Hector Hammond.

The effects are top notch and I had little complaints about them as they brought to life Oa and multiple members of the Corps in their fights against Parallax. Indeed, any complaint I might have is that we didn't see enough of the Corps. I could just watch as the camera panned from member to member, but that wouldn't have been very exciting for everyone else, but the ones we're left with like Tomar Re and Kilowog are fantastic.

It might not be everyone's cup of tea and maybe a knowledge of the comics would help more people, but I think the movie does a fine job of providing an intro into the world of Green Lantern and sets us up with plenty of places to go in the next installment.

Check it out.

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