Sunday, June 05, 2011

Doctor Who: S6E6

After being off for a week due to Memorial Day, we finally got to see the second part of the Doctor Who arc with the Flesh and the acid island. I think it was worth the wait. A little drawn out, I think, for what they wanted to do, but it was fun. We even get a creature out of it, of sorts. And a wall of eyes.

This episode continues the story of clones, called Gangers, that are usually used and disposed of, but this time have come to a life of their own and they intend to fight for it, even if it means killing the Doctor and the other humans. It's a nice tale that explores what it really is to be a person. It's not what your body is made of but what is inside that counts. The Flesh is an interesting concept, functioning a lot like an Auton, but with more sentience. Sorry Rory. I loved the setting too. The old church filled with acid was a nice touch.

Also, the discoveries here lead directly into the next episode, giving us quite the the cliffhanger until next week's half-season finale. Check it out.

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