Sunday, May 15, 2011

Epic Mickey

I got Epic Mickey for Christmas this year and after months of playing it, I finally beat it. No, it's not that long. I just have ADD with games and got some others and it fell behind in the queue while I beat others. I digress.

For those unfamiliar with the game, you play as Mickey Mouse, who earlier on in his career, jumped into the mirror and entered the workshop of the Sorcerer from Fantasia and messed up a model world that he had. Years later, the repercussions start to be known as a phantom blot of ink starts wreaking havoc in the model, which is actually another world. Mickey gets dragged into the world and now he has to save it to find his way out. To do this, he's armed with a magic paint brush that he grabbed on his way in. This allows him to either use paint or thinner to defeat foes and change parts of his environment so he can proceed. Along with the choices you make, using thinner or paint to solve a problem like a boss can determine how other characters react to you and also the ending of the story.

All in all, it's a satisfying game, though it falls a little short of epic. This is mainly due to the camera. It's clunky and unrefined and makes doing simple things a chore. The camera in Super Mario 64 was more responsive and considering how many third person games out there get it right, there's no real excuse for it. The level design is quite entertaining, at least once you get past the opening levels, where they start to incorporate more from the theme park so it goes from being generic to being steeped very thoroughly in Disney lore. Each level and sections of a level is connected using movie screens that you jump through and enter a 2d platforming world where you try and get to the end of an old Disney cartoon. I could almost go through those all day long. The platforming is easy, but it's just the fun of going through cartoons I saw when I was younger that really grabs me.

It's definitely worth a play, though the camera may make or break you. To be honest, it isn't too terrible until you get to the end levels, where it starts to actively hamper you. Check it out.

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