Sunday, May 22, 2011


In honor of the impending rapture on Saturday, I decided on Friday to watch an appropriately themed movie. Doomsday fit the bill quite nicely, though it doesn't deal with the rapture but instead a virus decimating the world. It started with Scotland years ago and a giant wall was erected to keep the infected inside the borders. Fast forward a few decades later where the virus as reappeared in London. The government decides to send a special team in lead by Major Eden Sinclair, who escaped Scotland when the wall was going up and knows the area well. Turns out that there are survivors beyond the wall, and they might have a cure for the disease and she has to find it.

The movie is a mix of several other futuristic/apocalyptic films, most notably Escape from New York, with the hardass hero leading a team against his or her will, and Mad Max, with bands of crazy renegades running around in questionable costume choices. The mix works well and the story is pretty solid, or as solid as you can get when you're building a wall around a country and sentencing the people inside to death. It's a rather action packed movie too, with some great effects sequences and fights that kept me amused and looking for the blood. Also, there's a hot tattooed chick running around. Never a bad thing to have one of those.

The cast is solid. Mitra is one of a few recognizable faces and does a good job as a bad ass. I always liked her on Boston Legal and it's nice to see her carrying a film. Also, since she's a female hero, it's nice that they didn't put her in some provocative outfit, not that I would have minded, but it wouldn't have made sense from an armoring point of view. Nope, she's geared up properly for the battle a ahead.

It's a fun and rather enjoyable flick, much different from director Neil Marshall's previous films, The Descent and Dog Soldiers, though his stamp is all over it. Definitely worth checking out.

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