Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doctor Who: S6E5

I've been slacking this week. Here I watched the new Doctor Who episode on Saturday and I don't have a post about it until Wednesday. It's with good reason I didn't, as I had some pressing matters to attend to and couldn't get in front of the computer to compose my thoughts until now. That and my daughter let me.

Another solid episode for the season and the first of two parts. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until after the holiday weekend to see the second part. There is a marathon going on though so that's a plus. Anyway, the new episode finds the Doctor, Amy and Rory at a small castle that seems to be retrofitted with some high tech equipment, some of which is pumping acid out of the location and to the mainland. To deal with this hazardous material, the workers clone themselves using something called Flesh and basically remote control the bodies with their minds while hooked up to a machine. The bodies are supposedly brainless, but there's a solar storm and the bodies seem to have a life of their own, as well as thoughts. In a mash up of The Thing and Blade Runner, the Doctor has to try and keep human and clone from killing each other and figure out what happened and how they can all get out of there.

A solid thriller of an episode. I quite enjoyed it and look forward to the second part. Decent plot and story and there's a fun plot element for Rory, possibly making Amy jealous. I love the way that the show can get such mileage out of a small location like a castle and the claustrophobic nature of the corridors mixed with pipes of strong acid make for a tense time.

Check it out.

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