Sunday, May 01, 2011

Doctor Who S6E2 "Day of the Moon"

After what seemed like an eternity, or at the very least a really, really long week, I finally got to see the second part of the season premiere of Doctor Who. They left us on a hell of a cliffhanger after the last episode, what with the Silence bearing down on them and Amy shooting at the astronaut.

It definitely was worth the wait. Without spoiling anything, the Doctor devises a plan from a perfect prison to end the Silence, at least on earth. We find out a bit more about Amy's confession about being pregnant and whether her aim is actually worth a damn. Hint from the trailer: it's not.

While answering some questions, it certainly raised other, such as the identity of the little girl, why the Silence had a spacesuit on her, who the hell the Silence really are and if they were messing with shit last season, who River Song really is and more. Really it is just setting up arcs for the rest of the season but done rather well, so we get a conclusion, but we're still left with a bit of am mystery that doesn't need to be solved just yet.

Also, Mark Sheppard is a regular guest on two of the best shows on tv right now. Good for him. Especially since he's just so damn good and his characters are great. Crowley on Supernatural is fantastic and Canton Everett Delaware III is good too. Simply amazing.

Check it out.

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