Saturday, April 30, 2011

Power Girl #23

I swear, I never thought I would ever be uttering these words, but damn if I don't look forward every month to a book written by Judd Winick. I started my hate with him back when he was abusing Green Lantern and it evolved to cover other titles he wrote. I shuddered as if something fell had walked over my grave when I heard that he was taking over Power Girl after the amazing team of Palmiotti, Gray and Connor left. I thought I would end up dropping the title as I couldn't stand him, no matter how much I loved Power Girl.

Color me surprised, it's actually been really, really good. This issue continues that trend, dealing with the setup from last issue where Power Girl and her cousin Superman are fighting dinosaurs and other creatures summoned up by a magician to is trying to take Zatanna's powers for himself. It's a nice two issue arc and the characterizations are great and the story is fun and light, which is nice after tying in for several issues to the serious Generation Lost. The art continues to improve and be amazing, and while I still miss Amanda Connor, I'm finding this is a nice replacement.

Check it out. And Judd, I'm sorry I doubted you.

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