Sunday, April 10, 2011

Assault of the Sasquatch

At the behest of Pete from Comics Plus (the recommendation was in with my comics for the week), I checked out a little gem of a movie called Assault of the Sasquatch for this week's Friday Night Fright. I was told that it was a great terrible movie. Oh, it was, it was.

Cribbing the plot from Assault on Precinct 13, and thus, Rio Bravo, the movie is basically about a sasquatch running amok in a town and trying to kill the occupants of a police station, both law abiding and criminal. The humans must band together if they want to survive the assault. Why is the sasquatch doing this? Oh, because some bear poachers ran into him and captured him but were then arrested, bringing the poachers and the truck to the police station, where the sasquatch woke up and then started to wreck shit.

The acting is so-so, which is about part for a low budget beauty like this. It makes up for it by having a quick moving plot that never lets up and doesn't skimpy on the kills. Having a poacher who looks like a cross between Deathstroke the Terminator and Willie Nelson is a good start, as well as a ex-stripper receptionist who fights with a knife and riot shield, Modern Warfare 2 style. While I can't say I cared for any of them enough to hope they live, they did keep in interesting. The two nerds running around trying to capture more footage of the sasquatch were rather fun too, culminating in a rather rude awakening for the two of them when they finally do meet up.

A plus for this low budget great is that they went with practical effects for the most part, especially for their monster. Yes it looks like a guy in a suit, but it's a nice throwback to 80s creature flicks and looks a lot better than cheap CGI would. I think they do use some CGI for a few dismemberments, but it looks good and they stick to fake blood and dummies for the good stuff, including a sasquatch fist through the face. They give you a variety of kills as well, including my favorite, which involves a hapless victim being pelted by a variety of items, such as rocks, tires and even a mail box. It's fantastic.

I wish Sci-fi would show monster flicks like this instead of some of the creature of the week crap they usually do, as it's a well done low-budget movie that will have you chuckling and keep you entertained for all of its brief 83 minute run time. You can check it out on Netflix like I did though so you can get the blood, swearing and sasquatch peeping shower scene.

Well worth the price of admission. Check it out.

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